Declutter: Don't Look Like a Hoarder

One of the first projects you will need to consider when selling your home is to declutter.

If you are planning to sell your house, one of the first projects you need to consider is removing clutter. You should put yourself in the buyer's shoes. When they look at the pictures in the listing or come for a showing, they want to be able to see themselves living in the house. They want to place their furniture in the living room and hang pictures of the kids on the wall, in their mind's eye.

One thing to consider is personal pictures and other clutter hanging on the walls. You may have already considered painting to freshen the home up, this would be a good time to pack up the objects on your walls and fill in the holes. You don't want your personal life on display for the potential buyers that will be walking through the home. You also want to protect your security and identity.

Other items you may want to pack up are cluttered art or nik naks, items that only have meaning to you and wouldn't be understood by others, items that may be dangerous (medicine, weapons, chemicals), and valuable items. If you have a garage you can take a section to store these items. Most potential buyers will overlook a stack of boxes in the garage.

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