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Go from drab to fab

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Getting your house ready for sale can be a daunting task. Though upgrading can be intimidating and stressful, you will find upgrading certain elements of the interior/exterior correlate to a much bigger profit at closing.

Budgetary considerations

Renovation budget will need to be tailored to your properties specific needs. For some, that may require a sizeable budget, while others can implement a handful of improvements. The good news is that you can improve many facets of your interior/exterior on a restricted budget.


A tour of your exterior is a good starting point to ascertain areas for improvement. Make note of fencing, siding, stonework, windows, screens and landscaping. Doing so at the beginning of a renovation project will give you ample time to improve landscaping, such as adding grass seed to bare areas or adding some color to a flower bed.

I have found some simple exterior improvements outside, can help guide your vision as your get ready to move to the interior of your home.

  • Hand rails; if your home has hand rails or decorative fencing, a coat of fresh paint or change in color may add value/curb appeal.

  • Front Door; a fresh coat of paint or change in color or a new decorative door will add value.

  • Power washing is an inexpensive way to clean exterior siding/stone and fencing. If your home has wood fencing, staining will provide beauty and protection from the elements.

  • Clean up shrubs/trees and landscaping to ensure over growth does not impede or diminish views of windows or the house from street view.


I would recommend a tour of your interior, room by room, to determine areas in need of improvement. Make a list of each room, labeling each element or upgrade based on need. Note; the kitchen and bath are critical areas to focus on and generally correlate to a bigger profit.

Example: Entryway

  1. Remove stained or worn carpet/outdated tile

  2. Replace outdated lighting fixtures

  3. Fresh coat of paint (neutral colors are ideal)

  4. If there is a staircase; can you update flooring? Wood rather than carpet? Fresh coat of paint on railing?



You can do it!

The ease and speed of any home improvement is contingent on multiple factors. A few key factors are;

  1. Scope of work

  2. Do it yourself or contractors

  3. Budgetary constraints

  4. Timeline restrictions

The hard work you put into updating your home will give you satisfaction and will generally lead to monetary rewards. Put a little TLC into your home and reap the benefits/profit once your property goes on market.

If you have any questions concerning your property, please contact Troy Larson. You can reach him by logging in and posting below, email at troy@tngbll.com or by viewing his website at http://www.tngbllc.com.

The information presented here is the opinion, views and writings of Troy Larson. They do not represent the opinion, views or writings of any other person, entity or company.

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