Has The Pandemic Changed How Your Home Functions?

Updated: Mar 1

We have spent countless hours at home due to COVID-19. Many of us are finding that the way our homes function has changed since we've been stuck at the house. Your home now needs to serve many needs. Home office, gym, school room, movie theater.

Space can be a premium feature in todays homes. Some have taken to muti-purpose rooms turning bedrooms into offices. Others are looking to purchase the home that fits their needs. Still others have ventured into the remodeling arena. Suffice to say, we are looking to different features in a home. The National Association of Realtors says, 'The most popular revamps include improving high-speed internet connection (33%); adding an outdoor pool (18%); creating a home office (17%); and adding a home gym (16%)'.

Buyers are looking for new items and have new demands. More square footage is tops on Buyers lists. Things like more space for home offices, game rooms, pools and home theaters are common requests. Large backyards are a premium. Where parents were taking the kids to the park to play on the swings, now are looking to build a playground in the back. Features are changing also. Covid safe features such as easy to clean surfaces and good ventilation are sought out by many Buyers.

Developers are looking to add features such as touchless faucets and keyless doors. Smart homes are advancing with appliances on demand and mirror type gyms. The open concept large living area are still very desirable, with smaller private areas for the office and gyms.

If you have found that your New Mexico house doesn't meet the needs of your future. Please give me a call (505) 393-7012 and I will help you find the perfect home to meet the new future needs.

The information presented here is the opinion, views and writings of Troy Larson. They do not represent the opinion, views or writings of any other person, entity or company.

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