How To Spot Roof Damage

Albuquerque experiences high winds, thunderstorms with hail, freezing weather, and high heat. All of these weather events can cause damage to your roof. It helps to know how to initially spot damage to your roof, so you can take care of this damage before it can become a replacement situation.

One thing that you do not want to do, is to put yourself in a dangerous situation. If you can not view your roof from a safe area on the ground, you should get a hold of a licensed roofing company. Many will do a free estimate or inspection on your roof. Make sure you check with the Better Business Bureau or find solid reviews of the company of your choice to make sure they are reputable.

If you do have a good vantage point to view your roof, the following is a list of items you should look for. You can do this after storms that you feel may have damaged your roof. Otherwise, it is recommended to check you roof twice a year.

Items to look for to tell if your roof may be damaged:

  • Shingles with missing granules. The covering of granules on your asphalt shingles help to protect them from sun rot and water infiltration.

  • Missing shingles. Many times you will be able to find these on the ground in your or your neighbor's yard.

  • Damaged Shingles. You may be able to see dents on asphalt shingles, or cracks and/ or gaps in tiles, slates or shakes.

  • Dents on gutters, flashing or vents.

  • Tears or gaps in seams.

  • Leaks in ceilings (of course).

  • The obvious structural damage from trees or limbs.

There are ways that you can help to prevent your roof from becoming damaged. Some damage will occur in a short period, such as when a storm rolls through. Some damage will occur with the passage of time, such as sun and wind damage.

Here is a list of items to take care of to prevent damage to your roof:

  • Have a professional company clean the debris from your gutters at least once a year.

  • Make sure the branches of any trees are cut away from your roof.

  • Check for moss or algae growing on your roof surfaces, gutters and flashing.

  • Have a company evaluate the caulking, insulation and ventilation of you attic to alleviate ice formation and moisture under your roof and inside your attic.

Proper maintenance can help extend the life of your roof. There is no substitute for having a qualified, licensed, reputable roofing company service and inspect your roof. I recommend doing this once in the spring and once in the fall. If you have had a storm, this would be a good time to have your roofing company inspect your roof , clean the gutters, and check for branches and debris that may cause damage in the future.

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The information presented here is the opinion, views and writings of Troy Larson. They do not represent the opinion, views or writings of any other person, entity or company.

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