Saving Energy in Your Albuquerque Home

Everyone likes to have money left over at the end of the month. Learning how your home uses energy, and how to save some of that energy, is one step toward having some extra spending cash. This is not to mention what saving energy can do to help our environment. Becoming energy saving conscience is in everyone's best interest .

Some tips you can use all year long:

Use water saving shower heads, faucets and flow restrictors. Install timers and dimmers on your lighting and replace incandescent bulbs with L.E.D. bulbs. Unplug devices that you don't use everyday. Make sure that you clean your refrigerators condenser coils and change your furnace filters at least every three months. Use cold water when you wash clothes.

Energy Saving Tips For Spring and Summer:

Use a programmable thermostat. Set your thermostat to the highest temperature possible while still staying comfortable. When you are away from home, let your programmable thermostat set the temperature higher and bring the temperature down when you return. If you have an evaporative cooler, crack the windows. This will help to control humidity and create ventilation through out the home. Make sure you have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning system. This will insure that your equipment and duct system is running efficiently.

Tips for the Fall and Winter:

Make sure your home is sealed properly and your windows are not leaking valuable heat. Use the programmable thermostat you installed in the spring to 'set back' your heater when you are gone. Use blackout shades or curtains to prevent heat loss. Make sure you have a professional check your heater every year. This will not only make your system run more efficiently, but if you have a gas furnace, will make sure that it is safe to operate.

These are only a few items to consider in your energy saving project. If you would like more information you can download the Energy Saver Guide from PNM.

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The information presented here is the opinion, views and writings of Troy Larson. They do not represent the opinion, views or writings of any other person, entity or company.

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