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Updated: Jan 14

Buying a home is a process. If this is your first time or if you haven't been in the market for a while, you can find a few tips in this article to help you with this journey.

1. Pre-Approval:

Most sellers and their agents will want pre-approval when your offer is submitted. Make sure you use a reputable lender. Don't change financial aspects while your offer is active. Opening new credit accounts or changing employment will change the terms of your financing. This will make the parties involved to possibly turn your offer down or go with another, even if you are pre-approved. Make sure to take care of your pre-approval through the process.

2. Watch what you say:

Many homes have audio and video surveillance. When you are touring a home with your broker, be sure to keep your conversations professional. Save your critique for later, when you and your broker can sit somewhere secure and discuss the homes that you have seen.

3. Don't Fall in Love:

There will be many buyers in your market. Avoid getting too attached to a home you may miss out on. Try to keep your emotions in check until you have actually closed on your home. You should try to keep your buying experience much like a business transaction.

4. Standout to Your Seller:

You may never meet or even see the seller of the home you are purchasing. One way to stand out from others who may have put an offer on the home is to write a letter. You could tell them why you want to buy the home and what you plan to do with it. The seller could relate to something that you have put in your letter. This could put your offer on the top of the stack.

5. No Home is Perfect:

Trying to find the home that has absolutely everything you want is a tall order. Have a couple of items that you can't do without and be prepared to let some of your wishlist items go. You will waste a lot of time and walk through a lot of homes trying to find the perfect home.

These are just a few tips you can use to find a great home in the Albuquerque/ Rio Rancho area.

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