Top Trends in Kitchen Design Ideas for 2021

In the past, kitchens were the place where meals were prepared. Now we spend more time in the kitchen than, mostly, anywhere in the home. Kitchens need to be comfortable, inviting and multi-functional. Many activities are taking place in todays kitchens. You may find the ideas that follow would be a great addition to your kitchen remodeling project.

Smart Kitchens:

Todays kitchens have become intelligent. Not just in gadgets that will sit on the counter, but appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures are becoming smarter. Faucets that will pour a specific amount of water, or sense when you want it to turn on, without touching it, are common. Refrigerators that will make a grocery list or show you what is inside, without opening the door are making your day more efficient. The smart home is a trend that is making it way into every home.

Pops of Color:

White cabinets are a classic look, and can be used in any kitchen design, but many designers are seeing the white cabinet being phased out for a pop of color. Many kitchen owners are opting for some or all of their cabinets to have a color of their choice added into the design. Breaking up a white design may have the island in a darker color. Color choices include neutral colors like blue and green, along with bolder choices such as black, plum and emerald. These color choices add to a comfortable and inviting design.

Modern Materials:

Materials being used in kitchens are not what has been considered normal materials in the past. Upper cabinets are being replaced with open shelving made from rough edge wood, industrial piping, or floating shelf brackets. These allow for easier access to the countertops and provide open, clean lines. Other materials being sought for the kitchen are; textured material, sculpted beveled backsplash tile and natural stone floor tile.

Storage Alternatives and Upgrades:

2021 will bring many choices in storage systems and upgrades. Many find todays storage capabilities in kitchens to be annoying. Basic shelves and drawers leave a lot of wasted space. You may have had to find alternate storage space for your larger appliances and dishes. Homeowners are looking for storage options like; appliance garages for your smaller counter top appliances, drawer dividers for utensils, pull out rack for spices and utensils, deep drawers, and pull out areas for garbage and recyclable containers.

Decorative Exhaust Hoods:

You can add a focal point to your kitchen by replacing the old stainless steel exhaust hood with a more decorative version. Exhaust hoods may be seen from several areas of your home, with the prevalence of the open floor plan. Making a statement by replacing your exhaust hood is a simple way of updating your kitchen. Custom steel and wood grain hoods can be found at you favorite DIY store or site.

These are just a few of the trends that will continue to be popular in 2021. Proper planning and research will make these projects fun and exciting. If you are not the handy type, give your favorite general contractor a call. They will be able to find the best items for your new statement kitchen.

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